Glass Wash

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Elevate your glassware maintenance with Glass Wash, the ultimate solution for achieving flawlessly clean and sparkling glassware. Experience the confidence of spotless results, free from streaks, and revel in the beauty of crystal-clear glassware for all your beverage needs. Choose Glass Wash and unlock the secret to maintaining pristine glassware in your establishment.

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Glass Wash – Glass Cleaner by Agar Cleaning Systems

Introducing Glass Wash: The Ultimate Solution for Sparkling Glassware

Glass Wash is a premium detergent and industrial-strength cleaner specially formulated for use in glass-washing machines. Designed to remove stubborn residues and soilage from glassware, Glass Wash ensures spotless results with no streaks, leaving your glassware sparkling clean and ready for use.

Discover How Glass Wash Works:

Powerful Cleaning Action: Glass Wash harnesses its industrial strength cleaning power to eliminate beer and wine residues, fatty fingermarks, lipstick imprints, and all other types of soilage from your glassware. Rest assured that even the toughest stains and residues will be effectively removed, restoring your glassware to its original shine.
Spotless and Streak-Free: Say goodbye to unsightly spots and streaks on your glassware. Glass Wash’s advanced formula is specifically designed to leave your glassware impeccably clean, without any residue or streaking. Enjoy crystal-clear glasses that enhance the presentation of your beverages and impress your guests.
Compatibility with Hard Water: Glass Wash is engineered to perform exceptionally well even in areas with hard water. Its unique formulation ensures that hard water minerals do not compromise its cleaning performance. You can rely on Glass Wash to deliver consistent results, regardless of your water quality.