About us

HIT Equipment International, is a commercial catering equipment supplier that specialises in implementing automated cutlery processing systems, saving up to 90% of the associated labour cost.

Our focus is to help your business become more profitable by providing the best cutlery processing solution for your food service operation.

We import equipment directly from the manufacturers and have a range of specialised exclusive products, Cutlery Polishers, Glass Polishers, Cutlery Wrappers, Cutlery Washers, Vacuum Seal Machines and Orange Juicers.

HIT Equipment was founded by Harald Hendriks in Holland and was the first company to distribute cutlery polishers in Europe in 1996. HIT Equipment in co-operation with Rosler Germany endeavoured to develop a reliable, high-efficiency cutlery polisher, the CD 8000 L. It was this cooperative development that created the benchmark that all other manufacturers use as a basis for the cutlery polishers sold throughout the world.

After supplying thousands of hotels and restaurants in Europe with Cutlery Polishers, Erik Pizzorni started HIT Equipment Australia in late 2003 bringing the first cutlery polishers into Australia and launching in January 2004.

In January 2012, HIT Equipment International was created to service and supply a global market with a focus on the Asia Pacific region. Expanding the product range to include not only Cutlery Polishers but also Glass Polishers, Cutlery Wrappers, Cutlery Washers, Cutlery Sorters, Orange Juicers, Vacuum Sealing Machines and the consumable components for these machines.

The DNA of HIT Equipment International is the crossroads of business and technology. We understand what you are trying to achieve and we bring you the technological tools to achieve it.

We look forward to helping you with your food service operation.