Posted on 09/10/2020 13:47

Waiter Calling System Watch / Pager


Waiter Calling System Watch



This waiter calling system watch/pager is the way your front of house will be kept up to date with client needs.

How does the Wireless Calling System work?

1. When customers need service, all they need to do is to press the wireless calling button on their table to call the waiters.
2. Then wirelesss calling receiver/wristwatch receiver will display the calling message with a ringtone. Waiters will go to serve the customers promptly.

Lift your customer service with a waiter calling system.

Waiter Calling System

Easy to program and use

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Technical Details

Unit details Waiter Call Button Y-650
Working Voltage  3.7V
Transmit Frequency 433MHz±75k
Transmitters Works with a max of 200 transmitters
Distance 300m in an open area
Feature Can store last 10 calls
Dimension 65 x 44 x 19mm
Alert Mode Sound, Vibrate, Sound & Vibrate