Posted on 29/01/2016 07:26

QKIT Lisa 32


Lisa 32 Vacuum Seal Machine QKIT

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QKIT Lisa 32 is a small commercial sealer that any foodservice operation can make use of. Ideal for small-scale activities and packaging in a protected atmosphere.

This chamber sealer is supplied with original Bosch pumps, LCD display, featuring 10 standard programs and further specific programs for soft, creamy and liquid products.

Piston welding bars operate in total safety and allow a quick cleaning of the inner chamber.

QKIT vacuum packaging chambers are available in different dimensions and pump powers, in order to meet at the most demanding clients.

Additional specifications:

Chamber dimensions: 330x330x200 h mm
Weight: 36 kg
Programs number: 10
Oil pump: 8 m3/h
Welding bar: 1×320 mm

Technical Details

Machine details QKIT Lisa 32
Height 410 mm
Width 430 mm
Length 490 mm
Weight 36 kg
Power consumption 450 W
Power supply 230 V
Final Vacuum 2.0 mbar