Posted on 29/01/2016 06:54

HIT VS 811


HIT 811 Vacuum Chamber Machine

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HIT VS 811 is a semi-commercial sealer that allows any foodservice operation take advantage of high vacuum chamber sealing at the price of an external sealer.

Vacuum Chamber bags are much cheaper than external sealer bags (Channel Bags) and this machine provides an excellent price point to take advantage of the lower bag costs..

The HIT VS811 is a chamber vacuum system, which offers two distinct advantages over non-chamber, external bag type units. First, a much higher level of vacuum can be achieved, which means a longer shelf life for foods that you package. Secondly, liquids and liquid-rich foods can be effectively vacuum packaged. Foods like fresh meats, fish, soups, stews, etc. are no longer a problem to vacuum package. Marinated vegetables and meats are packaged quickly with ease, and no mess.

The HIT VS811 Chamber Machine uses commercial technology. Simply place the pouch to be sealed inside the chamber and close the lid. Push start and the sealing process begins!

Technical Data

Voltage:240V/ 50Hz Power:630W
Pressure:≥-27”Hg / -914mbar Weight:24.6KG
Max bag Seal width:290mm
Seal wire width:4mm Size:490x425x245mm

Technical Details

Machine details HIT VS 811
Height 245 mm
Width 490 mm
Length 425mm
Weight 24.6 kg
Power consumption 630 W
Power supply 240 V
Final Vacuum 914mbar