Posted on 29/01/2016 07:20

Winterhalter UC Spotless Excellence-i


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Glass washing specialist for brilliant results

Combine a Winterhalter UC Series glass washer with a Winterhalter Reverse Osmosis water filter and your glasses come out spotless with no need for manual polishing. This system is guaranteed to work if used with Winterhalter detergents and the right conditions.

Under counter glasswashers adjust each cycle to the requirements such as type and degree of soiling, stability and glass decoration.

With adjusted components for the wash process in particular, pressure, time, detergent and temperature – the UC Series guarantees always hygienically clean dishwashing results and conserves the glasses at the same time.

Perfectly clean more than just meeting. The right solution for every glass thanks to VarioPower Less glass abrasion, longlasting decorations Special solutions in all four sizes
The new elliptical washing field ensures full coverage dishwashing power that overcomes even stubborn dirt. Floating particles, such as fruit flesh and coffee grounds, are efficiently eliminated by the fourfold wash water filtration system with soiled water sensor. VarioPower controls the water pressure in every washing programme the stability of fragile glasses is also ensured. This way, fine wine glasses get just as clean at low pressure as robust beer mugs at high pressure. Adequate washing and rinsing temperatures, different water pressures depending on the programme, and precise detergent dosing ensure that your glasses will last a long time. The Cool design rinses the glasses with cold water. This saves waiting times and ensures a stable beer head. The reduced tank and boiler temperatures of the ReTemp Version ensure that cool glasses are ready to use in a short time and simultaneously reduces running costs by 16%.


Technical Details

Machine details UC Series
Height 725mm – 940mm
Width 460mm – 600mm
Length 637mm – 671mm
Weight 59kg – 85kg
Power consumption 2000W – 7100W
Power supply 240V or 3Ph