Posted on 29/01/2016 06:18

HIT Glass Scrubber


HIT Glass Scrubber Washer


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Perfect Glassware

HIT Equipment Motorised Submersible Glass Scrubber is the perfect accessories for businesses that want to scrub the hard to remove stains from their glassware before washing.

There is nothing worse for your customers than marked glassware. Lipstick is the ultimate repulser. If the washing process does not remove the marks, then your staff will be spending extra time polishing your glassware.

Even with our HIT Equipment GP5 Glass Polisher, having dirty glassware will stain your brushes rather quickly, making the polishing machine ineffective.

The HIT Glass Scrubber is the ultimate choice for a great finish every time, with 5 brushes for inside and out, sits inside your sink with water. A real innovation.

An optimal choice for a busy restaurant, bar or cafe.

Usually priced around $1,100+ in Australia, available now for $950 ex GST Buy Online Now

Technical Details

Machine details HIT Glass Scrubber  FRES-GSCRUB-20
Height 475 mm
Width 213 mm
Length 330 mm
Weight 10 kg
Power consumption
Power supply 240 V / 1 / 50hz