Posted on 29/01/2016 06:24

Glass Polisher Service Rental


sv1000 Glass Polisher


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Rent for $2.92 per day!

This rental includes the following:

  • 1 Week trial
  • Training
  • Service and maintenance for the entire period
  • First set of new brushes included
  • Subsequent brushes at 50% off
  • Minimum 2 year rental
  • OPEX not CAPEX

The term is 2 years as an operational rental, which means you can return the unit at the end of the term or just continue renting as usual.

Payments are made by direct debit and we only need a few details to get this agreement underway.

1 year rental is available upon application and is considered on a case by case basis.

Contact us now for more details

The removal of water stains and marks from glasses has never been easier with the HIT GP 5 Glass Polisher from HIT Equipment.

Using a combination of hot air, rotation and the drying action of the rollers, the HIT GP 5 will leave your glassware crystal clean and clear with no watermarks.

The HIT GP 5 has a capacity of around up to 500 glasses per hour.

This machine is the most cost-efficient glass polisher on the market

The HIT GP 5 Glass Drier is finished in bright stainless steel, making cleaning after use easy and straightforward.

It weighs a mere 13.5 kg, so is easily portable around your kitchen, moving to exactly where you need it.

External dimensions are 38,5 x 26 x 45 cm. It consumes 1350 w and runs from a standard 240 volts main supply.

Technical Details

Machine details Thomas HIT GP 5
Height 450 mm
Width 260 mm
Length 385 mm
Weight 13.5 kg
Power consumption 1150 – 1350 W
Power supply 240V
Capacity up to 500 Units per hour