Posted on 21/11/2019 03:55

OJA Cafe E-4


OJA Cafe E-4: Automatic Commercial Juicer

The Orange Juicers Australia (OJA) Cafe E-4 is a commercial juicer with automatic feeder. All you have to do is put your oranges in the collector, and OJA Cafe E-4 does the rest. Now you can juice up to 20 oranges per minute with the OJA Cafe E-4.


Salient Features of OJA Cafe E-4

OJA Cafe E-4 is one of the best buys in the market. Here are a few of the reasons that make OJA Cafe E-4 so special:

  • The OJA Cafe E-4 is equipped with an automatic fruit loader. While you would manually have to feed oranges in the juicer one by one in other commercial juicers, OJA Cafe E-4 processes all the oranges automatically one by one. You can store up to 15 kg weight of oranges at a single time.

  • The squeezing balls that are used to squeeze the oranges are designed smaller in size than the same in other commercial juicers. This leads to more juice yield for every orange. In fact, the OJA Cafe E-4 has a juice yield of about 70%, which is way higher than its competitors.
  • The gears are protected by a specially designed aluminium gearbox. In other commercial juicers, you will find the gears out in the open.

  • The juicer filter is designed in a combination of kidney-shaped holes and round holes. Other commercial juicer filters only have round holes which lead to pulp being clogged in the filter. Therefore, OJA Cafe E-4 ensures clog-free operation.

  • OJA Cafe E-4 comes with two plastic cans that are put on either side of the juicer, to collect pulp and fruit peels.

  • OJA Cafe E-4 supports variable sizes of oranges, from 40mm to 80mm. Therefore, you don’t get stuck with buying a particular size of oranges.


Quality Over Everything Else

With the OJA Cafe E-4, you are promised a quality product.

The product is made with high-quality stainless steel and metal gears, as compared to plastic parts of other commercial juicers. This makes the OJA Cafe E-4 heavier than other commercial juicers at 55 kg.

Further, even the bearings are equipped with inner steel rings to ensure that there is no leakage and no wear and tear of components. The peelers are made of high-quality stainless steel as well.

The high quality of OJA Cafe E-4 reflects in its operation and enables it to run for eight hours straight in a single stretch without heating up.

You will not find such high quality juicer at such cheap prices. Place your order now to avail OJA Cafe E-4 at the lowest price ever.

Technical Details

Juicer details OJA Cafe E-4 Automatic
Power 120 W
Voltage 220V 50 Hz/110V 60 Hz
Size of Orange 40-80mm
Output 20 Oranges per minute
Yield 70%
Size 400L*450W*900H (mm)
Weight 55 Kg