Posted on 05/11/2020 18:42

OJA Cafe E-2 Juicer


OJA Cafe E-2 : The Juicer for your Cafe!

Orange Juicers AustraliaĀ  (OJA) Cafe E-2 is the perfect orange juicer to handle all your juice squeezing requirements. Operating on 120W power, OJA Cafe E-2 can squeeze about 20 oranges per minute.

High-Quality Manufacturing, Support, Serviceability and Local PartsĀ are what Orange Juicers Australia (a division of HIT Equipment International) is bringing to the Australian Orange Juicer market.

Years after purchase, if you require a part or service, we will have the items in stock for as long as the manufacturer makes them.

HIT Equipment has been operating in Australia since 2004, and we will support theĀ OJAĀ range with aĀ 3 Year WarrantyĀ on allĀ OJAĀ machines. Other brands only offer 1-year manufacturers warranty. For full warranty terms and conditions for OJA units, see our OJA Warranty Document.

Better, Stronger, Cooler

OJA Cafe E-2 is designed to be sturdier than all its competitors. The juicer combines top-notch technology with high-grade parts to offer you perfection.

  • To start with, OJA Cafe E-2 is equipped with the latest design of peelers that significantly improve efficiency. Earlier peelers werenā€™t rigid and that made them prone to breaking. However, OJA Cafe E-2ā€™s peeler is firmly attached to the machine.
  • Other juicers have the funnel fixed to the machine with screws. However, OJA Cafe E-2 is different as it offers you removable funnel, providing a whole new level of convenience.
  • The gears of OJA Cafe E-2 are present inside a specially designed gearbox to ensure sturdy built. This is different than other professional juicers, where the gears are left out in the open.
  • OJA Cafe E-2 is designed to handle heat dissipation way better. This makes sure that this professional juicer can operate up to 8 hours on a single operation.
  • Each part is designed for the best quality possible. OJA Cafe E-2 uses metal gears instead of plastic ones. Even the inner side of the bearings is equipped with steel rings to avoid any leakage.
  • Each machine comes with spare peels extractors, screws and toolkit

More Juice, Less Clogs

The OJA Cafe E-2 is designed to make sure that no fruit gets wasted. The juice yield of OJA Cafe E-2 is 60%, as compared to 40% yield that most other professional juicers provide.

Not only that, but even the filter of OJA Cafe E-2 is specially designed to increase the yield. While traditional filters have circular holes, the filter of OJA Cafe E-2 is designed with a combination of kidney-shaped holes and circular holes. This removes any chances of pulp clogging into the filter and allows more juice to pass through.

Quality Over Everything Else

With the OJA Speed A1 Juicer, you are promised a quality product.

The product is made with high-quality stainless steel and metal gears, as compared to plastic parts of other commercial juicers. This makes this machine heavier than other commercial juicers at 92 kg.

Further, even the bearings are equipped with inner steel rings to ensure that there is no leakage and no wear and tear of components. The peelers are made of high-quality stainless steel as well.

You will not find such a high-quality juicer at such an economical price.

What Do You Get?

With OJA Cafe E-2, you get:

Fruit Basket:

The fruit basket can store your fruits before it is pushed into the machine. The basket can hold up to 8 Kg of fruits.

Plastic Peel Bins:

When there is juice, there is going to be pulp and peel. The OJA Cafe E-2 comes with a handy plastic peel bin.

Technical Details

Juicer details OJA Cafe E-2
Power 120 W
Voltage 220V 50 Hz/110V 60 Hz
Size of Orange 40-80mm
Output 20 Oranges per minute
Yield 60%
Size 400L*330W*780H (mm)
Weight 45 Kg