Posted on 09/06/2018 22:25

Frucosol SelfService Juicer


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Juicing up to 20 -25 oranges a minute -less than 2 and a half seconds an orange- the Frucosol SelfService Juicer takes all the headaches and mess out of juicing fresh oranges.

Compact juicer with automatic feeding and system to switch on/off automatically the machine by pressing a faucet.

Orange juicer with a high juicing fast-production relation. Quality and fast, the best juice self service option for your business.

The cabinet support will offer you the option of making a lot of services without taking care about the peels.

The machine is equipped with turning wheels that make easier to move it. It has also a non-drop tray that you can fix at different heights. The machine and the cabinet support are manufactured in stainless steel.

It is recommended for: buffets, hotels, self services shops, colleges, universities, airports, fruit shops, malls… business that offer more than 30 juices every day.


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Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol F50
Height 1620 mm
Width 750 mm
Length 580 mm
Weight 95 kg
Power consumption 460 W
Power supply 230-110 v /50-60 Hz
Capacity 20 – 25 Fruits p/m