Posted on 29/01/2016 07:41

Thomas Dörr TD 5000 Fill and GO


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This Self Feeding cutlery polisher is fitted with a ‘Fill & Go’ hopper on the top, the Thomas Dörr TD 5000 Cutlery Polisher enables your staff to simply load up this machine and get on with other duties.This cutlery polisher uses a vibration and dry granule drying and polishing system that leaves your cutlery spotlessly clean and free of water stains and other marks that would otherwise be left with other, more labour – intensive methods of drying and polishing. It has a capacity of up to 5,000 pieces of cutlery per hour.

Before the clean, shiny cutlery is ejected from the front mounted port, both it and the granules used to dry it are subjected to an intense UVC light which effectively sterilizes both the cutlery and the drying granules. This means there are no possibly harmful bacteria in either.

The Thomas Dörr TD 5000 Cutlery Polisher meets EU Hygienic Guideline 93/43/EWG certification, meaning it will polish to a higher standard than Australian regulations.

The TD 5000 is 1,020 mm high, 660 mm wide and 810 mm deep. It weighs 115 kg and consumes 1,200 watts at 220/240 volts.

Technical Details

Machine details Thomas Dörr TD5000 Fill and Go
Height 1002 mm
Width 660 mm
Length 810 mm
Weight 115 kg
Power consumption 930 W
Power supply 220/230 V
Capacity Up to 5000 pieces per hour