Posted on 29/01/2016 07:52

Rosler CD 5000


Machine no longer available

Handling up to 5,000 pieces of cutler an hour, the Rösler CD 5000 is suitable for medium sized kitchens.This high quality cutlery polisher will leave your knives, forks and spoons gleaming as new. It uses a combination of unique, organic drying granules, hot air and UVC light to give your cutlery that professional, immaculate look, but more importantly clean to EU Hygienic Guideline 93/43/EWG. This is higher than even the Australian Standard.

The Rösler CD 5000 is easy to use, and with multilingual controls, everyone in your kitchen will be able to use it with minimal instruction.

This cutlery polisher is mounted on four wheels that easily lock into position, meaning it can be easily moved around, yet once in position provides a firm and steady base.

Having dimensions of just 810 mm high by 620 mm wide by 720 mm deep, this compact yet powerful polisher is ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium, yet is fully portable so it can be easily stored during quieter periods.

The Rösler CD 5000 L weighs 180 kg and requires 1500 watts at 220/240 volts.

Technical Details

Machine details Rösler CD5000
Height 810 mm
Width 620 mm
Length 720 mm
Weight 180 kg
Power consumption 1500 W
Power supply 220/240 V
Capacity Up to 5000 pieces per hour