Posted on 29/01/2016 07:51

Rosler CD 3000


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Cutlery Polisher

Machine no longer available

At 3000 pieces per hour, this machine is designed for low volume facilities requiring long lasting German manufacture and engineering.

Using a unique combination of dry granules, hot air and UVC light, this cutlery drying machine brings out a brilliant, stain and smear – free shine, to make cutlery look like new.

The granules first soak up excess surface moisture on a vibrating tray, then a hot air blower dries your cutlery to perfection. Finally, the UVC light then bathes it in a sterilizing light that kills all possible harmful bacteria from both your knives and forks and from the granules themselves, leaving your cutlery spotlessly clean and water stain – free.

The Rösler CD 3000 meets EU Hygienic Guideline 93/43/EWG, which is even stricter than the Australian regulations.

With dimensions of 850 mm high by 510 mm wide by 720 mm deep and comes with four individually locking wheels to enable easy movement yet a firm and stable base for drying your cutlery.

Finished in easily – cleaned stainless steel and weighing 120 kg, the Rösler CD 3000 consumes 1,200 watts at 220/240 volts.

Technical Details

Machine details Rösler CD3000
Height 850 mm
Width 620 mm
Length 520 mm
Weight 160 kg
Power consumption 1500 W
Power supply 220/240 V
Capacity Up to 3000 pieces per hour