Posted on 29/01/2016 07:48

Frucosol SH 7000


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Frucosol SV2000 Glass Polisher

Rent from $10.37 per day!*

The Frucosol SH 7000 is designed to handle up to 7,000 pieces of cutlery an hour, meaning it will make light work of polishing cutlery to the highest possible shine in even the busiest kitchens.
The unit is free – standing with a lower shelf for storage and is mounted on fully – lockable wheels, making it impervious to movement from the occasional knocks and bangs found in a lively and often crowded food preparation area.

Using the combination of dry granules, vibration and hot air with a faster warmup time, the Frucosol SH 7000 will leave your cutlery spotlessly clean and dry and conforms to EU Hygienic Guideline 93/43/EWG, which is even higher than Australian regulations.

This cutlery drier has a folding tray so dried and polished items can easily be sorted before storage.

It is built of easily – cleaned stainless steel and has dimensions of 880 mm high by 630 mm wide by 630 mm deep. It weighs 90 kg, consumes 700 watts and runs from 220/240 volts.

* All rental estimates are based on a 5-year lease and are indicative only.

Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol SH7000
Height 870 mm
Width 650 mm
Length 620 mm
Weight 82 kg
Power consumption 850 W
Power supply 230V – 110V
Capacity Up to 7000 pieces per hour