Posted on 29/01/2016 07:30

Besser Vacuum Speedy Super


Speedy Super

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Speedy Plus

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Built-in easily – cleaned and hard wearing stainless steel, 6000 pieces per hour this compact yet power cutlery polisher with external dimensions of 850 mm wide, 720 mm deep and 840 mm high will handle a sudden rush of covers with ease.

The Speedy Super has a capacity for 7 kg of environmentally friendly drying granules, has a hot air and UVC facility to leave cutlery shining and completely bacteria-free.

The Speedy Super also benefits from a UVC light source, meaning complete sterilization of the drying material, and your cutlery is guaranteed to be 100% free of bacteria and potentially harmful pathogens. When dry and polished, the cutlery is deposited into a built – in basket for immediate re-use.

It runs from standard 240 volts mains and consumes 0.9 kw, while the front panel runs from 24 volts for added safety and security.

The Speedy Super weighs 115 kg when empty.

Technical Details

Machine details Besser Vacuum Speedy Super
Height 840 mm
Width 720 mm
Length 840 mm
Weight 115 kg
Power consumption 900 W
Power supply 230 V
Capacity Up to 6000 pieces per hour