Posted on 26/05/2020 16:47

DOM Triage Box


DOM Triage Box

Sanitary Medical Testing Unit


Procedural Features:

  • Sanitary space for personnel and patients
  • Safely perform swab test, temperature check, and pin-prick test without endangering either party
  • Ease of interaction between patient and medical personnel using the intercomĀ 
  • Devices within appliance include internal light, emergency and reset buttons and intercom
  • Indoor environment designed to withstand up to 70% ethanol solutionsĀ 

Practical Features:

  • Contains 2 sides
    • Side A: for the patient to enter
    • Side B: for medical personnel to interact with the patient
  • Clear instructions provided for safe and effective use of the appliance
  • Sanitization procedures compliant with WHO regulations
    • Gloves will be checked before the beginning of every first shift
    • The inside of the box will be sanitized before the first patient enters


    • The appliance is well-built and dependable.
    • It is easy to sanitize between uses.Ā 
    • Both medical personnel and patients will be able to use the appliance easily.
    • Procedures will be carried out swiftly and efficiently.