Posted on 29/01/2016 07:35

Frucosol SV 1000


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Frucosol SV2000 Glass Polisher

The removal of water stains and marks from glasses has never been easier with the SV1000 Glass Polisher from Frucosol.

Using a combination of hot air, rotation and the drying action of the rollers, the SV1000 will leave your glassware crystal clean and clear with no water marks.

The SV1000 has a capacity of between 240 and 360 glasses per hour.

The Frucosol SV1000 Glass Drier is finished in bright stainless steel, making cleaning after use easy and straightforward.

It weighs a mere 16 kg, so is easily portable around your kitchen, moving to exactly where you need it.

External dimensions are 520 mm high, 320 mm wide and 360 mm deep. It consumes 1.4 Kw and runs from a standard 220/240 volts main supply.

Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol SV 1000
Height 520 mm
Width 305 mm
Length 340 mm
Weight 16 kg
Power consumption 11000 W
Power supply 230V – 110V
Capacity 240 – 360 Units per hour