Posted on 15/06/2018 00:01

Frucosol GF-1000 Display


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The Frucosol GF-1000 Glass Freezer provides an impressive cocktail presentation piece and now with a programmable LED display with up to 27 different messages.

lt has a LED display that you could personalize with the next you want. Program it with marketing campaigns or message. 

The system uses your existing carbon dioxide system to chill your glassware providing a frosting on your cocktail glasses, you can even freeze ice cubes into your glassware. The result will make you stand out from your competition while providing a unique experience to your customers.

We have a demonstration video to show you how you can use this unit in your operation.

Technical Details

Machine details Frucosol GF 1000
Height 41 mm
Width 13 mm
Length 27 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Power consumption N/A
Power supply Mains power
Capacity N/A