Posted on 28/06/2022 08:54

Intelligent Delivery Robot - T6


Delivery Robot-T6



52kg, a lighter weight than the T5 with a slim body

Small size, Big energy

More cost-effective and affordable

Multi-point delivery mode, four tables of dishes can be delivered at one time

In cruise in delivery mode. Customers can pick up their meals by themselves

Small Body, Huge energy
Delivery Robot T6


Intelligent scheduling system
More efficient service

Through the intelligent coordination of independent research and development of the communication system to achieve AI distributed scheduling, the robot could achieve multi-machine cooperation. It could continuously optimize the carrying capacity and improve the overall delivery efficiency.

Professional delivery
Born for delivery

With the multi-point delivery mode, dishes for four tables can be delivered at one time

With the cruising delivery mode, it is convenient for customers to take dishes.

SLAM Positioning Mapping System
Cool experience

With the AI-based path system, the robots plan routes more intelligently and perform positioning more accurately.

Minimalist aesthetics
Leading cutting-edge trends

With the 52 kg lighter weight and a slimmer body, they run more flexibly and more smartly

Hardware Platform Monitoring System
Efficient and convenient after-sales

Through the low-power, high-endurance hardware platform monitoring system independently developed by KEENON,

we can conduct continuous system maintenance for the robots, remote OTA upgrades, and one-click system updates.

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Intelligent Delivery Robot – T6 Spec/Details
Product Size(W*D*H)519*531*1256mm
Maximum Angle≤ 5°
Minimum Passage Width70cm
Battery Life≥ 12h
Number of Layers4
Layer Size515*426*180mm
Product Weight52kg
Maximum Speed1.2m/s
Charging Time5h
Battery CapacityDC 48V 12Ah
Load Capacity40kg (10kg per layer)
Operating SystemAndroid