Posted on 28/06/2022 12:33

Intelligent Delivery Robot - T5


Food Service Robot



The T5 is a sturdy unit with a high capacity load rating of 15kg. The workhorse of the food service robot range.

With self-developed SLAM and deep vision technologies, restaurant robots are endowed with faster perception and the ability to provide more efficient delivery.

4-layer pallet

Single-layer load 15KG

Shock absorption design to prevent splashing of soup.


Delivery Robot-T5

Excellent SLAM positioning and navigation technology
Make movement freer

The robot relies on KEENON’s independently developed SLAM synchronous localization and maps construction system to run stably and efficiently in restaurants and other application scenarios. It depends on a series of sensors and multi-sensor fusion algorithms such as an encoder, gyroscope (IMU), LiDAR ODOM, LiDAR, Image Module, UWB, and WIFI, The robot has high precision positioning, flexible movement, and high robustness.

New intelligent obstacle avoidance
Obstacles in all directions

Meanwhile, depth vision, stereo vision (RGBD), laser radar (LIDAR), collision sensor, and infrared ranging make the robot more flexible and effective in avoiding obstacles.

The Android control system increases robot interaction diversity and scene adaptability through the touch sensors.

Multi-machine intelligence
More efficient delivery

Through the self-developed communication system, intelligent robot coordination can realize the AI distribution scheduling, ensuring the cooperation of multiple robots to complete the distribution tasks safely and efficiently.

The speed limit in the Smart zone
Withstand the test of complex environments

The robot is more adaptive to the environment with an ultra-flexible regional speed limit function, which adjusts its own speed according to the slope of the ground.

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Intelligent Delivery Robot – T5 Spec/Details
Product Dimension506*502*1205mm
Tray Dimension490*404*188mm (Top Layer)
490*404*176mm(Other Layer)
Product Net Weight55Kg
Maximum Travel Speed1.2m/s
Loads15Kg for the each layer
Maximum climbing angle≤ 5°
Network Interface2.4G WIFI( 2412-2472MHz)
Dimension of Charging Pile 230*220*290mm
Weight of Charging Pile1 Kg
Battery capacityDC 48V 15Ah
Rated power40W
EnduranceContinuous operation for more than 15h
Standby TimeStandby time is more than 48h
Service Life20,000h
Working Temperature and Humidity0 - 45℃ ,RH: 5%~85%, no dust
Working EnvironmentIndoor environment, flat and smooth ground
Charging ModeSupport automatic/manual charging, input power supply: 100-240V~, 50/60Hz
Storage Temperature-30℃-60℃
Working Air Pressure and ElevationOne standard atmospheric pressure, the elevation doesn’t exceed 1,000m