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Thomas Dörr TD 800


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Cutlery Wrapping System by Thomas Dörr

Used in Hospitals in Australia, Europe and USA, an exceptional product for hygiene and cost-saving.

      • Cutlery sets are automatically wrapped into a napkin
      • Compact and hygienic packaging
      • Automatic sorting of wrapped cutlery sets into cutlery bins
      • Flexible, time independent preparation
      • Environmental and ecologic
      • Without additional plastic waste
      • Easy handling thanks to the clearly arranged operating panel
      • Optimized personnel deployment due to time savings
      • Placement on a tray with just one hand grasp
      • Avoids shifting of singular cutlery pieces during transport
      • Suitable, sturdy and extremely absorbent quality napkin paper
      • Individually printable upon request
      • Flexible use due to mobility

    In order to facilitate the allocation and distribution, the cutlery boxes are available in different colours.

    Using the cutlery wrapping machine will save you a lot of time and helps to optimize your personnel expenditure. Your canteen kitchen management will profit from the simple hygienic handling, high capacity and considerable labour saving.

    Napkin paper

    Focusing specifically on the requirements of canteen kitchens, THOMAS DÖRR also offers suitable high-quality 4-ply napkin paper. The strong and extremely absorbent DÖRR-SP paper has been designed particularly for use in the cutlery wrapping machine. Of course, the napkin paper is also available with your individually designed print logo.

    Capacity: Approx. 6000 – 6500 wraps per paper roll


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Technical Details

Machine details Thomas Dörr TD 800
Height 1270 mm
Width 790 mm
Length 1900 mm
Weight 335 kg
Power consumption 150 W
Power supply 110-240 V
Capacity Up to 800 sets per hour