Posted on 29/01/2016 07:21

Rösler Cutlery Washers


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Cutlery Polisher

Shiny and spot-free cutlery is essential for any food service establishment, be it a large cafeteria or
a mobile catering operation. HIT Equipment offers systems that produce clean and properly sanitized cutlery
without time consuming and costly manual cleaning and polishing.
Rösler, the world‘s leading supplier of surface finishing solutions, has applied our more than 60 years of surface finishing
experience to cleaning, drying and polishing of cutlery, resulting in the installation of numerous cutlery cleaning and drying
systems throughout the world.

When it comes to perfectly cleaned and polished cutlery, the operators of large cafeterias and catering services apply the
same high standards regarding functionality, performance and reliability we are used to from all our other customers. This
is not an easy task, because frequently, cutlery coming out of the dishwasher still contains food residue and removal of this
residual food as well as the subsequent drying and polishing of the cutlery requires a lot of time consuming manual labor.
Rösler offers a range of different cutlery cleaning & polishing systems allowing easy selection of the right equipment and
pro-cessing media for any kind of cleaning application. Since process development, engineering and equipment manufacturing are all done in-house at Rösler, our customers are assured of obtaining solutions that are tailor-made to their specific

Our equipment range starts with small, mobile driers/polishers and goes all the way up to fully automatic and integrated
cleaning and drying/polishing systems. Depending on your specific quality and capacity requirements we can offer you a
cutlery cleaning, drying and polishing system that exactly suits your needs

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