Posted on 14/08/2019 04:49

C&S 7000 Rösler



The New Standard for Shiny Spot Free Cutlery

Whether you are running a large scale restaurant, a cafeteria, or a mobile food establishment, the C&S 7000 Rösler is going to be your best friend.

You don’t just want good cutlery to please your customers; you want it because it reflects your brand values. German-made C&S 7000 Rösler understands this and its high-end features are there to help you with the same.

New Era of Cutlery Polishing

C&S 7000 Rösler is created with the next level technology for Cutlery Polishing Machines. It has the capacity to clean up to 7000 pieces per hour. The machine operation is aided by an electronic display to provide ease of use.

The work bowl is created with stainless steel to make sure it offers you sturdy and long-lasting equipment. The heating element is made of stainless steel as well.

Operate Without Hurdles

C&S 7000 Rösler comes with a noiseless set up so that it doesn’t bother other operations going on in your establishment. It weighs less than 90 kg and is equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability.
Being a low energy consumption machine, it makes sure that it saves you on your electricity bills on the side.

Awesome Customer Service

We understand how customers feel trapped after buying large scale machinery because brands procrastinate on providing on-time services or repairs.
Our high-quality equipment makes sure that you never need any repairs in the first place. Even in case you need a spare for the machinery, we are promised to provide you with spares and repairs promptly at the earliest!

Additional Options

We don’t just provide you with the machine, but there are even more additional options for C&S 7000 Rösler that you can use. These include:

  • 1 Cutlery Collection Basket
  • 1 Granular Media Basket
  • 6 Filling Granules

There is nothing better than C&S 7000 Rösler. It is not just an appliance, it is an experience!


Technical Details

Machine details C&S 7000 Rösler
Height 790 mm
Width 600 mm
Length 650 mm
Weight 90 kg
Power consumption 610 W
Power supply 230 V
Capacity Up to 7000 pieces per hour