Posted on 29/01/2016 07:22

Nicem Senior 25,000


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Nicem Senior cutlery polisher is an industrial sized cutlery polisher able to process 25,000 pieces per hour. This is the largest cutlery polisher available for venues who need to process the largest volumes of cutlery.

Made of stainless steel, complete with stainless steel grid and soundproofing stainless steel lid with UV lamp and fans.
It can be equipped with a vacuum cleaner for collecting possible dust upon request.

There is nothing larger than the Nicem Senior 20,000 cutlery polisher.

Features include:

  • European engineering and build
  • 2 year warranty
  • Highest capacity
  • Very high throughput

Technical Details

Machine details Senior 20,000
Height 1020 mm
Width 1350 mm
Length 1390 mm
Weight 346 kg
Power consumption 4000 W
Power supply 3Phase 230/400V
Capacity Up to 25,000 pieces per hour