Posted on 29/01/2016 06:26

Thomas Dörr TD 4000




The Thomas Dörr TD 4000 cutlery polishing is a premium quality German built bench-top cutlery polisher that is rated up to 4000 pieces per hour. This machine features:

  • 4,000 pieces per hour
  • Warm-up temp sensor
  • Drying end cycle
  • Granulate change notification
  • Optional sound hood
  • Optional trolley
  • 1 year warranty

As with other cutlery polishers, wet cutlery is transported via a vibrating carrier into a powder of dry granules which remove any excess moisture, while giving the cutlery a smear -and stain- free finish

This polisher has EU Hygienic Guideline 93/43/EWG certification for optimal operational hygiene.

An optimal choice for a busy restaurant.

Technical Details

Machine details Thomas Dörr TD3000
Height 450 mm
Width 560 mm
Length 650 mm
Weight 59 kg
Power consumption 700 W
Power supply 240 V
Capacity Up to 4000 pieces per hour