Posted on 29/01/2016 06:58

Nicem Cutlery Conveyor


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Rent from $3.58 per day!*

Nicem cutlery polisher conveyor is an innovative cutlery delivery system for the Nicem range of cutlery polishers. This item is sold as an optional accessory for the Nicem range of cutlery polishers. This is not a stand-alone item.

Compatible with:

Nicem Girl
Nicem Boy

This cutlery delivery system saves you even more money than a cutlery polisher on its own. With a usual machine, feeding a cutlery polisher takes staff time. A 3000 piece per hour machine has a flow rate of 8 pieces every 10 seconds. With a cutlery conveyor, the staff can drop a whole tray of cutlery into the conveyor and walk away. The labour saving aspect is worth thousands many thousands of dollars!

The conveyor has a flow control system so you can set the rate of cutlery entering the machine.

It also has an optional water spray system to keep the cutlery from drying before entering the cutlery polisher.

This is a groundbreaking new device for Australia and should be taken advantage of in your catering operation!

Features include:

  • 2-year warranty
  • Automatic Delivery System
  • Speed Control
  • Optional water spray system

Optional items are extra

* All rental estimates are based on a 5-year lease and are indicative only.


Technical Details

Machine details Nicem Cutlery Conveyor
Height 400 mm
Width 440 mm
Length 1000 mm
Weight 32 kg
Power consumption 50 W
Power supply 220/240 V
Capacity Up to 15 kg of cutlery