Posted on 14/08/2019 05:48

C&S 3000 Rösler



The Need of Every Commercial Kitchen

C&S 3000 Rösler is an excellent piece of equipment that is present in most modern-day restaurants, catering events, and hotels.

It is a cutlery polishing machine suitable for:

  • Restaurants serving around 50 meals per day.
  • Hotels without banquet that have less than 200 beds.
  • Catering for small events and ceremonies


Reduce Labor Costs with C&S 3000 Rösler

The C&S 3000 Rösler can polish up to 3000 pieces per hour. Lightweight and compact, this appliance takes very less space and does so much work.

It is going to save you so much money associated with labor costs. Not only that, it also automates the whole process saving considerable time as well.


Noiseless and Easy Operation

C&S 3000 Rösler has a soundproof box that makes sure that your kitchen has a completely noiseless environment. Further, the set includes a solid stainless steel base and a holder to hold a cutlery basket.

Technical Details

Machine details C&S 3000 Rösler
Height 360 mm
Width 510 mm
Length 565 mm
Weight 45 kg
Power consumption 570 W
Power supply 230 V
Capacity Up to 3000 pieces per hour