Posted on 06/06/2017 23:55

HIT-CSP Cutlery Soaking Powder



Cutlery reflecting your business

The quality of any commercial kitchen is reflected in its cutlery. If you want to make sure that your cutlery shines with the highest quality, HIT CSP is what you need.

Turn Complaints into Compliments

If you own a commercial kitchen, you understand the problem that is faced when cutlery is not cleaned properly. The issue lies with the food that clings to the cutlery and it can be hard to remove.
HIT-CSP resolves this issue completely. It is used as a pre-wash solution that attacks food residue on cutlery while enhancing the cutlery shine.
If your customers have been complaining about dirty cutlery, HIT CSP is going to turn it into compliments.

Soak, Wash, Polish, Perfect

We have often heard customers remark that their cutlery seems “shiner” after using HIT-CSP.

Usage Instructions

Please follow these step completely as the solution is Caustic and Care must be taken:

  1. Make a solution with 1 scoop (half cup) of HIT-CSP for every 10 litres of warm water.
  2. If the cutlery is fresh from the table, soak it for 15 minutes. If it is dry and has been left for a long time, soak it a little at least 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse off the cutlery.
  4. Wash the cutlery as per usual with your commercial dishwasher.
  5. For best results, polish the cutlery in HIT Equipment Cutlery Polisher when it is still wet.
  6. Enjoy the shine of cutlery with a perfect finish.

Things to Remember

    • HIT-CSP is caustic in nature when it is diluted in water. Therefore, you should ensure to use gloves when using it or use our new cutlery soaking strainer.
    • Follow instructions as mentioned in the label for optimal use.
    • Do not discard the solution you made in Step 1 after a single-use. You can reuse it for a whole shift.

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