Cutlery Polishers are better described as Cutlery Dryers, if your washer can clean the cutlery we will dry the cutlery and then you will not need to polish. We are the Authority on Cutlery Polishers. Below you will find a selection of machines to suit all sizes of operation and all budgets.

Zigi Ozeri – Owner

Great product and provides good results

Bernard Ofamooni – Catering Manager

Saved time and easier on staff physically.

David Lai – Owner

The Cutlery Polishers effectively helped us a lot on operating cost for our Restaurants, we purchased three of them as they are so great!

Anthony Dean

Time saving
Cost cutting

Laiken Durham – Restaurant Manager

Having such efficient and effective tools has successfully saved a vast amount of time and energy both during and after service for myself and the team. Install, set up and training was easy and cleaning is even easier!


Andrew Potter – F&B Manager

Efficiency with staffing. Increased productivity.

Anthony Karnasiotis – Owner

“Wage saver – lets us utilise our staff in more important areas”

Sam Christie – Owner

The Cutlery machine provided to Longrain Sydney was a game-changer for us. My front of house staff loved it almost as much as me. The savings on wages are immense and the service provided to us by Erik and his team are amazing


John Silbor – Chief Steward

It’s a great product that saved us a lot of labour cost, also the unit is very reliable with a good back up support

Fiona Smith – Colonial Catering.

“…its great I love it the cutlery looks silver-white now instead of grey!”

Colonial Catering

Diana – Catering Supervisor

The time this saves against labour costs is enormous

Damian – Proprietor

The cutlery polisher was originally a bit of a luxury to get rid of one of the most repetitive tasks, now the business has expanded I couldn’t imagine how we ever got by without it. Super reliable, it pays for itself over and over in labour savings.