Posted on 29/01/2016 06:41

Save 80% of your labour costs by automating your cutlery processing

Did you know you could save 70%-80% of your labour costs by automating your cutlery handling processes

Cutlery Polishing Automation

Traditional cutlery polishing is done by hand. Staff polish cutlery at around 400 pieces per hour.

If your venue served 300 meals and each customer used 3 pieces of cutlery (for a total of 900 pieces), your hand polishing cost in Australia would be $50 gross per day.

Automated cutlery polishing with a Thomas Doerr TD 3000 L cutlery polisher will cost you around $7.35 per day on a 5 year rental. At 3000 pieces per hour this machine would polish all of your cutlery in around 20 minutes for a total labour cost of $8.30 making the whole process cost $ 15.65 per day which is a saving of around 70%!

As your volumes increase, the savings increase as well for up to 80% saving.

Follow our cutlery polisher purchasing guide for tips on which machine is right for you.